Imagine Your Impact...


Dear RCA Family,

As our year continues to progress, I am amazed by the emails I receive which state two similar themes. The first theme is a message of gratitude: grateful that Rossville Christian Academy is the sole place in their child’s life which provides consistent “normality.” At RCA, face coverings are optional, not mandatory; students leave on Friday, knowing they will be back on Monday; and teachers tailor their lessons to meet each child’s needs. The second message speaks gratitude for the unique learning atmosphere Rossville Christian Academy provides—an atmosphere where students feel safe, encouraged, accepted, and challenged. 

Your gift to our 2020-2021 Annual Fund, appropriately named Better Together, Giving Together, helps to ensure RCA remains strong and continues to thrive. 

Last year’s Forever 50 Annual Fund was a success, especially considering it was cut short, raising over $47,000. We so appreciate everyone who donated to last year’s 50th Anniversary Annual Fund and realize many RCA families did not have an opportunity to give, due to the school year ending virtually. As we launch our 2020-2021 Better Together, Giving Together Annual Fund campaign, please consider giving. It is not the amount of money you are able to give; rather, please know that every amount given makes a difference. We are seeking 100% participation in our 2020-2021 Better Together, Giving Together Annual Fund campaign. Will you please consider giving a one-time or monthly gift to Rossville Christian Academy? Again, no amount is too small and greatly appreciated. 

Donors may give online through PayPal or Square Spirit Store links below or by sending a check addressed to Rossville Christian Academy and “Annual Fund” in the memo. All gifts are tax deductible.

Thank you for helping us enhance the educational experience students receive at RCA!

Chip Blanchard, Head of School

What about tuiton?

We greatly appreciate and understand the sacrifice each family makes to pay for your child’s tuition. Our Annual Fund enables RCA to maintain one of the lowest tuition rates in the area. Because tuition only covers a portion of the cost to educate each student at RCA, giving above tuition is necessary to provide students with enhanced opportunities. Giving above tuition allows RCA to enrich students’ academic experience through expanding programs such as STEM and Fine Arts education. Additionally, Annual Fund gifts support increased technology, assistance for students with learning differences, and faculty professional development. Unlike tuition, your gift to the Better Together, Giving Together Annual Fund is tax-deductible. 

Your donation to the Annual Fund provides ongoing support for students at Rossville Christian Academy. We hope you will prayerfully consider contributing to the Better Together, Giving Together Annual Fund.  Giving at any level or amount is a true blessing to RCA, and 100% participation, rather than contribution amount, is our goal. 

Giving Levels

The Golden Age Circle ~ $5,000 +

The Golden Age Circle represents the highest tier of giving to Rossville Christian Academy with a contribution exceeding $5,000. Members of The Golden Age Circle demonstrate immense generosity to Rossville Christian Academy through supporting its educators, current students, and students in generations to come.  

The Silver Age Circle ~ $1,969 - $4,999

The Silver Age represents leadership giving of $1,969 to $4,999. 1969 is representative of the year Rossville Christian Academy opened its doors. Members of the Silver Age Circle are among RCA’s most generous donors, and they play a vital role in the growth and longevity of Rossville Christian Academy. 

The Red Age Circle ~ $500 - $1,968

The Red Age Circle represents patrons giving $500 to $1,968. Members of The Red Age Circle believe in the Rossville Christian Academy vision and are generously contributing to keep that vision thriving. 

The Blue Age Circle ~ $1 - $499

The Blue Age Circle represents the pride of Rossville Christian Academy with giving $1 to $499.  These investors are supporting the Pack with their generosity and legacy of RCA pride.

Electronic giving platforms charge as much as 5% for nonprofit donations. Please consider adjusting your donation amount to cover this expense. Please click the button below to donate through Square or PayPal or you may give by check in person or by mail. You can give a one-time donation or a monthly gift. Thank you again for your generous gift to Rossville Christian Academy.

We are forever grateful to those who gave to our Forever 50 Annual Fund last year.