Athletics is an important part of our school year, and students have many opportunities to participate in a variety of athletic activities, from elementary grades through their high school years. Important lessons are also learned on the athletic field, from the importance of teamwork, fair play and sportsmanship, to respecting rules and authority, and using God-given talents to compete. 

Our Sports Offerings for Highschool.

  • Junior Varsity and Varsity Cheerleading
  • Varsity Baseball
  • Varsity Softball
  • Varsity Football
  • Varsity Girls Basketball
  • Varsity Boys Basketball
  • Varsity Trap Team (Shooting Team)

Our High School Sport Schedule(s).

Our Sports Offerings for Middle and Elementary.

  • Elementary Boys Basketball
  • Middle School Girls Basketball
  • Middle School Boys Basketball
  • Elementary Cheerleading
  • Varsity Trap Team (Shooting Team)
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