Support for Students with Diagnosed Social/Emotional, Medical, and/or Learning Differences

This program is directed by a certified Special Education Teacher, in tandem with our School Counseling Department, and provides assistance to students and parents in a variety of ways to support student success. There is an additional fee for participation in this program; see RCA Tuition and Fee Schedule for more information. 

FLEX Program Goals:

1. Provide families with a plan to maximize the success of their child’s academic year at RCA. 

2. Collaborate with teachers to create and implement appropriate accommodations and individualized modifications for each child’s needs.

3. Establish attainable goals for each student with frequent checks for progress, so they can monitor their own success and celebrate their achievements.

There are three facets of our FLEX Program to serve students' unique needs.

1)     Academic Support

2)     Social/Emotional Support

3)     Autism Spectrum Disorder Support

Click here to learn more about how we support students in each of these areas.

For more information on the FLEX program, please contact hhaynes@rossvillechristian.com