At RCA, we are committed to maintaining academic excellence through rigorous curriculum and quality instruction, as well as supporting students to reach their full potential. In elementary, particularly in early childhood (Jr. K-2nd grade), our teachers understand the importance of scaffolding foundational skills and content in developmentally appropriate ways to encourage a love of learning. In upper elementary (3rd-6th grade), our students are guided to grow in their knowledge through creative application of concepts and demonstration of skills. A plethora of special weekly classes, such as art, music, and STEM, enhances our elementary experience.

As students progress to middle school in 7th grade, they gain more independence and develop the habits and skills needed to successfully navigate their learning journey. High school at RCA provides a unique variety of course offerings that give students the opportunity to explore different interests and career pathways, as well as prepare for college through honors and dual-enrollment classes. The study of God’s Word and the practice of scripture memorization is woven into our curriculum daily from Jr. K through 12th grade.  

For a complete overview of our curriculum, including a listing of our course offerings and requirements for graduation, please view the Programs of Study linked below.

With our low (12:1) student : teacher ratio, our faculty are able to know their students well and support them at various progress levels by differentiating instruction as needed. For students with diagnosed learning differences such as ADHD, dyslexia, etc., we offer a program called FLEX Learning which is led by a teacher certified in Special Education. Click here for more information about how the FLEX program can support your child’s success.   


  • Self Evaluation

    Frequent Classroom and Teacher Evaluations

  • Data Driven Decision-Making

    Individual and Curriculum Improvement Driven by Data analysis and action oriented goals.

  • Targeted Professional Development

    Our professional development meetings speak to specific findings from the data analysis.

  • Stakeholder Involvement

    We include students, parents and other community members in our decision-making.

  • Re-Accreditation with AdvancED

    Every 5 years we go through an accreditation process with AdvancED

  • International Accrediting Agency

    AdvancED, formally SACS, is an accreditation organization with international scope.

  • Engagement Review

    Completed April 4-5, 2019


RCA students have access to a variety of current technology tools for learning. Some of the resources students will utilize throughout their academic journey are listed below. For more information about our approach to technology in the classroom,  read our news post on Our Approach to Smart Technology.

  • Media Centers
  • iPads & Laptops
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Online Classroom Platform
  • Digital Writing & Graphics Tablets
  • Augmented / Virtual Reality Devices
  • Desktop Computers in Elementary Classes
  • Stem Robots and CAD (Computer Aided Design Software)
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