Welcome to the Wolves Den.

This is a secure location on our website for you as a faculty or staff member to find any of the files you might need from graphics to forms. If you can think of anything else that would be helpful here please let your system administrator know.

Brand & Style Guide.

Our branding and its has been very carefully considered so that we ensure consistent messaging sent out to our target audiences. Accordingly, we have put together a brand & style guide which is to be carefully followed when using our logos or other branding elements on any print or digital materials. 

Click the button below to access the PDF version of our brand and style guide. 

Logo Files.

Below you will find .png examples of each of our logos for use in print or digital documents sent out to parents. When using these files it is important to only use one at a time and to make sure that you do not change the proportions of the logo when resizing for the medium. If you need the original files to send to apparel company or other creative designer, please use the link at the bottom which allows you access to download the .ai files.