Pup Pack Preschool to Open Fall 2020

RCA is excited to launch our Pup Pack Preschool this fall! We will offer a 3 year old class that will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-2:30. Our preschool class is taught by a loving, experienced, and qualified teacher who has a degree in Early Childhood Development. Our curriculum is designed to engage children in multi-sensory learning through Bible stories and great literature, movement, songs, games, art, imaginary play, and problem-solving. Children will have fun participating in music and P.E. enrichment classes while developing their minds and bodies. And those growing minds and bodies need rest, so nap/rest time is part of each afternoon. Pup Pack Preschool provides a safe environment that partners with parents to nurture their child in these formative early years. Space is limited so apply now! We look forward to your child joining the Pup Pack!

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