The Terrys

When we first moved to Tennessee in 2006 from Kentucky, we didn’t have any idea that Rossville Christian Academy would end up being our school home! After doing some research, we decided that our family would choose an independent school setting for our children, even though our entire academic experience had been with public education in Kentucky. However, from our first encounter with administrators and staff at Rossville Christian, we knew we had found a school that would work with our two children and make the transition to our new home that much easier. We knew we had found a school that was safe and affordable for our family. Our son, Theo, graduated from RCA in 2011, and our daughter, Emma, will be a graduating senior in 2013. Rossville Christian Academy has been a very positive experience for our family, and has prepared our children to become not only better students, but better persons, as well.

-Theo & Robin Terry – Somerville, TN