The Kinnins

Note: Recently, Rossville Christian Academy had the pleasure of hosting a visiting student from Brazil, who spent part of her summer break visiting friends of her family in Oakland. Instead of just being a “tourist” during her stay in the United States, Renata Santos asked her host family to find a school that would allow her to monitor classes for the month she was visiting. Renata spent most of the month of January being a typical Senior at RCA, but left to return to her home country at the end of the month. Recently, we received a short note to Headmaster Mike Coggins from her host family:

My husband and I took Renata to the airport this afternoon and it was really hard to say goodbye to her. She is a gentle bright young lady that inspires everyone she gets in touch with. She absolutely loved the school and the new friends of all ages she made there. She loved telling everyone a little bit about Brazil, her home, her life and dreams and at the same time learn more about the American culture. Everyday, she came home telling us with excitement what she learned at school, how she was treated, and how much she appreciated every thing. We came to know the school, the staff and the students through her, and although we had been given excellent references of the school by parents of some of your former students, we really didn’t know if it would be a good match for Renata. Well, it was a perfect match! There isn’t  a better place! Her parents kept in touch with her and with us all this time, and are very, very pleased and appreciative of all of what RCA has done for Renata.
So, we all want to once more thank you for this wonderful experience and we will definitely recommend RCA to any parents looking for a good school to their children!

-Lu Kinnin