Pack Adventures: Greece

In 2019, Rossville Christian Academy is headed to Greece! As members of the Wolfpack before them have done, nearly 20 students are taking the trip of a lifetime! A year after their trip to England, Ireland, Wales, and Paris, the Wolfpack made their way to Switzerland, Italy, and France. There were 11 students that made the trip in 2015.

While they were there, students saw the Notre Dame Cathedral. This cathedral is considered one of the finest, most famous Gothic cathedral of Europe. Students also had a snowball fight on top of the Alps in Switzerland, took a gondola ride in Venice, Italy and saw the Colosseum in Rome.

While abroad, students also went to Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A tourist tradition they got to participate in was tossing coins in the Trevi Fountain. One of the most famous fountains in the world, tossing a coin in the fountain is a way to ensure that you will return to Rome in the future. The goal of the Pack Adventures is to enable our students to participate in experiential learning as they immerse themselves in other cultures. Students become more responsible. They have to keep up with important documents and be on time, but they also learn how to take care of themselves. We want to expand our students’ vision of the world and their place in it. A class of 2017 alumni, Payton Goad told us about her experience abroad. She said, “Traveling across the world gave me the opportunity to put my phone down and enjoy life. I was able to play tag and hide and go seek with some amazing people. It was nice to just enjoy other’s company.”

Rossville Christian Academy is partnered with Education First (EF) so students can get credit for their trips abroad. To get credit toward their high school diploma, EF has developed an online course that combines pre-tour planning and research with on-tour learning and a post-tour creative project. Through EF’s partnership with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), students can also earn college credit by signing up for PDHU 399: Interculturalism & Global Exploration. To learn more about credits visit